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In Search of a Child

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We got married in the year 2003 and believed God for our “Isaac.” In the course of our waiting, God divinely arranged our meeting with Pastor (Mrs.) Christy Ogbeide in 2009. Immediately  things took a different turn, during the course of our meeting she shared her testimony and prayed with us afterwards she gave us her book 'In search of a child' that vividly described what it means to wait on the lord, her story encouraged and motivated us to wait earnestly on the lord. We believed if God could do it for Pastor (Mrs.) Christy Ogbeide, he can also do it for us. About ten months later after the encounter my wife took in, eight years of barrenness was broken. Today we have in our lives our pretty, handsome Isaac to the praise and glory of God. 'In search of a child' is an anointed and prophetic book that is able to produce your own miracle, just Trust God and believe. Thank you Mummy for allowing God to use you, God bless you Mum and glory be to GOD!

 Mr. & Mrs. M.E. Obadiaru,                                              Benin City, Edo state, Nigeria

Thank you for sharing your testimony during a convention.  It really blessed and encouraged me to keep trusting in the Lord and never give up.  After listening to your testimony, I went on my knees and asked God to bless me just like He blessed you.  Praise God; few months later I got pregnant and now I am a happy mother of a beautiful daughter after five years of barrenness.  The good Lord did it for me, glory be to God.  Sister B. M. Nigeria


 Dear beloved Dr. & Mrs. Ogbeide

Your book, “In search of a Child” is truly an inspiration of the Holy Spirit the teacher.  We join you to thank God and proclaim His faithfulness to those who believe in Him.  God is going to use you mightily in all things.  Keep growing in both things of God and of man. Our sincere regards to our miracle brother – Joshua.         Mr. and Mrs. Ibe, Houston


 Dear Readers

In 1995 a friend gave me a video tape that narrated the testimony of how God blessed Sister Christy after 14years of barrenness.  It starred up my faith, and strengthened me the more.  To God be the glory few months later I was blessed with triplets.  Do not give up, what God did for Sarah, Christy and me; He can do for you in Jesus name.  Amen.  May the good Lord strengthen you while you wait on Him, in Jesus Name.  Amen. Sister J. A., New Jersey

About Christyogbeidebooks:

"Congratulations, I am more than sure that you will touch thousands of lives by the Power of the Holy Spirit there should be a great transformation for Jesus in Jesus Name." Apostle M. McIntosh

 Hmmm. - Mummy Christy Ogbeide

With this, now I can really appreciate the extent of your sacrifice for the work of our God. Let it be known to you that your labour in His vineyard will not be in vain. As you continue to impact on the life of people through the books, so shall our God continue to make your light shine. Many shall call you blessed. His presence shall continue to abide in and with you.

Do not worry, our Almighty God whom you seek to always glorify will ensure that help and support come to you even from unexpected and unusual sources in Jesus name. Daughter of a great God, continue to be "strong and courageous". God bless you. - Rev. Timothy Igbinosa - Nigeria