The Three R's: Refill, Reconnect, Recharge

The Three R's: Refill, Reconnect, Recharge

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Do you ever feel spiritually drained? 

Does it seem like your spiritual life and zeal for God has taken a back seat? Has your faith turned to doubt, confusion and fear? Are you feeling discouraged, burnt out, and depressed?

Just like when your phone is at 0%, you have to charge up yourself with God's power to work at the highest level He made you to be. You need to REFILL, RECONNECT, and RECHARGE your spiritual batteries! As Christians, our spiritual life is an ongoing communication and relationship with God and if we don't tend to it, it will begin to weaken. 

This book gives you the powerful tools to regain that Godly energy!  You will learn how to revitalize your spiritual growth and maturity and rebuild your relationship with God so that you hear Him and know Him.  You will learn how to call on God to give you His supernatural strength to get through the difficult days.